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Hey everyone and welcome to my site. This page is dedicated to icons for use on the IGNboards. I will have my icons on display and all other stuff for you to look at so feel free to look around. If you have any Suggestions or want to submit an icon, feel free to PM me, pvansitt at the IGNboards.

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2/15/05 - Third verse Same as the First!!

Yeah, so once again you get a minor update. But hey, they are coming regularly now. Anyways, Sunday there was another upload. I got three more icons added and they are now over in the Uploaded Icons Section. That is all for the updates today.


02/05/05 - Another Small Update!!

Greetings all. Yeah today is another boring update. Yesterday, there was another Upload. I got two in so those have been moved to the Uploaded Icons section. I also decided it was time I added a counter here. So now I can figure out how many of you actual visit my site (assuming I can remember how often I visit). That is all for now.


01/22/05 – Not much to say, but an update anyways!!

Hey once again. As the title suggests there isn't much of an update today. Icons were uploaded to IGN yesterday, so I updated my site to reflect that. See you all laters.