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Here is a little Q & A on stuff someone browsing this site might have. This is just a small and basic question and answer. For all your icon question needs I suggest going to the FAQs page on The Icon Board. The Icon Board is a board on the IGNboards dedicated to icons and there are many people there who would be happy to help you


Making an Icon

Q – What is the easiest way for me to make an icon?

A – The easiest way to make a simple icon is use a photo editing software, like Photoshop or ImageReady, and edit a pic to the specifications required.

Q – What is the Specifications for an icon?

A- At IGN, and a standard icon is must meet these requirements

80x80 pixels sized

.gif file with transparent backround

under 5k file size

non personalized

non "assy"

also boxy icons or icons with lots of cutoff, or cutoff in weird places are not a good idea.

Q – What Does "assy" mean?

A – Assy is a general term for, your icon sucks. There can be many reasons your icon is deemed assy. Some of the more common are jagged icons, bad cutoffs, blurry icons, or icons that don’t meet one or more of the requirements. To be fair, assy is a relative term and it can change depending on the standards of the one collecting the icons at the time of submission, Usually Either Warbington or TheJerkle. If you are concerned an icon might be assy your best bet is to go to the ‘is this icon ready to submit’ thread. on The Icon Board.


Icon Submission

Q – how to I submit an Icon?

A – The only way currently to submit an icon is to wait for one of the normal Submission threads to appear.

Q – What is the SIST? Can I submit an Icon there?

A – The SIST is the Single Icon Submission Thread. It is currently closed until further notice because People were not following the rules.

Q – When is the normal Submission Thread?

A – Traditionally, they are about a week apart. This however should not be taken as law. The time and dates are random and Threads can be delayed. However, there will not be a thread until the last batch of icons has been uploaded onto the system.

Q – Can I ask the Icon board about when the next icons will be submitted/uploaded?

A – This is a very bad idea. One, They rarely know themselves, so you aren’t any better off. Two, The icon process is long and very time consuming. People have lives and if Warb and Jerkle are being constantly harassed about when icons will be uploaded or when the next submission thread will be, they tend to not be a benevolent as they normally are and might delay the process.

Q – What do I do if I make the Submission thread?

A – If you are fortunate enough to make the submission thread, you can put a place holder in the message box to hold your spot. Then I suggest you read the rules for submission that are on the first post in every submission thread. Sorry but I don’t have the time in this little Q & A to explain everything in submitting an icon

Q – How long is the Submission Thread open?

A –The icon submission threads are not open for very long traditionally about a half an hour, however keep in mind they don’t go by time. They are locked after about 90 to 100 replies. If this takes five minutes then they are locked in five minutes, if it takes four hours then it is locked in four hours.

Q – What is a Place Holder?

A – Just what the name says. Since the threads aren’t open very long, submitters place a quick message to mark their place on the thread before it is locked. The only exceptable place holders are either the letters "ph" or p/h (for place holder"), the words "place holder", or simply "place" or "holder". Anything else is regarded as spam.





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