Saving For the IGNboards

Now comes the most important part. Saving your icon. Icons can be made or broken in this process. Here is were much of you non conforming icons come into being. And after all that work you want to make sure you get it right



First Go to the File Drop menu and Select "Save For Web"


The Window on your left should pop up


Make Sure you have the file selected as .gif and the Transparency check like in the picture to the left


Next go over to the matte. click and select "other"


This is the window you should get


Go over to the area marked by a number sign (#) and enter in the Value B1B3BC. Click ok and the Matte should now be at b1b3bc


Before you save Check in the bottom to make sure you icon is Under 5k. As you can see, this one is. However for this Tutorial, we will pretend it isnít.


If your file is bigger then 5k. click the triangle to get the following menu. Select Optimize to File Size


You should get to this Window which will allow you to set it at 5k. Then you are all ready to save.


Congrats you now have your very own icons. For additions icon making help as well as naming suggestions go to the next part of the Tutorial. Otherwise, Have fun making icons



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